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Like A Paradise
Hate , love and miss you.
Monday, 23 April 2012 • 11:48 • 0 comments

When i hate you that's means i miss you, When i love you that's mean i hate u. and when I miss you that mean i hate you very very very much. Crazy right? =.=' No matter what happen. that what i feel now for you . I realized who am i for you. but I always thinking of you. However, I still love you. I apologize if I make many mistake. But, I know that you not think about me anymore. I try to forget you and everything that i fell about you. I know no one can be perfect in this world :)

Anyway, the way to forget you is hook right in the heart of hatred :'(

Maybe take a long time to do that feel. I forced to have the feel :'( 

Anyway, i have to faced the hurt alone :'( and i will remember the memory and the past about us. That 3 words i will remember HATE, LOVE AND MISS you. 

sincerely from heart <3

xoxo, The Shining Star


Hi, im Muhamammad amizul shafiq a.k.a Shafiq saje.Welcome to my blog and tengs for reading. before you go please leave a link at taggie board. Im sure will follow and visit your blog. Steal anything what u can steal :D. bold italic underline strike

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